Click here to download the Tomcat software

1) Before installing tomcat turn off the Firewall and Anti-virus.

2) Open Windows Defender Firewall.

3) Click on turn windows defender firewall on/off.

4) Turn off for public and private

5) Click on Ok.

6) Double click on tomcat setup file.

7) Click on Next.

8) Click on I Agree.

9) Click on Next.

10) Change the HTTP/1.1 Connector port from 8080 to 8088.

11) Give Username: admin

Password: admin

12) And then click on Next.

13) Click on Next.

14) Change the destination folder from

C:\Program Files(x86)/Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0 to C:\Tomcat

And click on Install.

15) Uncheck both the boxes and click on Finish.

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